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Josh is a 32 year old sales professional.  He is a former collegiate athlete,and has found success in the world of business as a sales professional for a world wide logistics company.

 He is one of the athletic coaches for the UCF Knight Mudders; a collegiate sports club dedicated to the sport of obstacle course racing.  In his spare time, Josh can be found caring for his pure bread Australian Shepards, playing volleyball and up-keeping his downtown Orlando property.

Together, Josh and Nic started this company to provide a luscious race experience for your race calendar.  Our events take place only in locations that will please the eye, not to mention the knees and ankles of our runners - as trails offer a much needed break from the pounding of cement and asphalt.

Please contact Josh with any questions about sponsoring the race, race registration or vending


Josh Weisman - President - Co-Founder

Nicholas Johnson is a 38 year old ex-paratrooper for the 82nd airborne.  He is a two time Ironman Triathlete.  He has jumped out of planes with a rifle on his hip. He has climbed mountains, cage dived with great white sharks, fought with his bare hands and run from charging bulls, not in a controlled environment, ask him the story some time. He has piloted an aircraft, alone, above the clouds and performed as a drummer in front of a sold out crowd. He was the founder of a sports club at UCF called The Knight Mudders, a competitive obstacle course racing team.. All while running a successful race timing company OutaTime Race Timing, with Sarah Haselwood.

Nicholas is the course designer, land prospector, T-Shirt screen printer and he makes the cedar blocks we give out to race winners. He is the art director for the websites, flyers and advertising. He is a runner himself, this year completing the Disney World Marathon, some 30+ Obstacle Course Racing events and the Florida Ironman Triathlon.

Contact Nicholas and he will respond promptly to your concerns about registration, sponsorship opportunities, volunteering, the courses, this website, our company or his short shorts.

You can also find him on the facebook group.


Nicholas Johnson - Race Director - Co-Founder

Sarah is the founder of Haselwood Events ( and works closely with us as our Festival Director on volunteer coordination, timing, bib bags distribution and registration. 

Her life has no shortage of adventure, either.  This year alone Sarah and Nicholas have climbed the Smokey Mountains, been in the icy Pacific Ocean, in a cage, chum in the water and surrounded by great white sharks;  They have traversed the Grand Canyon “Rim to Rim,” on an 18 hour, non-stop expedition from top to bottom to top,  and climbed the very volcano featured in the Lord of the Rings Trilogy.

Her masters degree is in Arts Administration - the business side of the high priced, contemporary art market.  From there she went on to help found a company that designs art fairs from bottom to top.  She is now realizing her own dreams as a wedding and event planner with her own company, as well as co-founding, which handles all of our events AND the newly founded Battlecat Industries Print Shop, which prints our T-shirts!   You’ll notice the back of her shirt says ‘Chief’ on event day, and thats exactly what she is!

She doesnt stop there; Sarah is also been employed by Spartan Race, a world wide obstacle course race, as a Festival Lead and Volunteer Coordinator, and BattleFrog Series.

Contact Sarah with any questions or desires dealing with volunteers;


Sarah Haselwood - Festival Director