13.1 Miles, 26.2 Miles, 50 Kilometers or 50 mile ULTRA (52.4 "Double Marathon"), covered on foot, in one day - all off road.

At a decommissioned and abandoned airfield in Mt. Dora, where our company started, you will find yourself running through miles upon miles of unique terrain ranging from grass, to dirt to trails, along water ways, over bridges, through forgotten farm lands; alligators calling from the swamps and American Bald Eagles watching you from above..

The terrain is generally flat and non technical and unless its raining your feet will not get wet. We have refreshment stops about every 2.5 miles and at the start/finish line with water, gatorade, pretzels, gummy bears, chips and whatever else we can get from our sponsors keep you going.

Youll receive free sunscreen, courtesy of Naawk Sunscreen!

The 52.4 mile ultra course will be a half marathon distance loop that passes through the start/finish area 3 times before finally coming in.. Each time you come through, not only will your family and friends get a look at your steadily changing demeanor - but youll have access to your own space along the 'ULTRASHANTYTOWN' where you'll have a tent, a cooler, a grill, whatever you want! Also, your timing chip will pick up, and a live screen showing your current place and time behind the leader will be displayed for all to see!

The 50k course is a combo of two loops of the 13.1 mile course and one loop of the 5 miler course. You will come once through the start/finish area twice and have a chance to access your pit to do whatever tune ups you’ll need to make it through. Runners will have designated space for supplies as you complete laps.

If you have any questions, dont hesitate to start a conversation on the facebook wall www.facebook.com/mastersofallterrain

or email the race director racedirector@mastersofallterrain.com