Hal Scott sits on the eastern edges of Orlando FL.  If you’ve ever been driving out to the coast and noticed the coal fired power plant off of 528, then you know the area.   As a wildlife preserve, you can expect this place houses plenty of wild things; Bald Eagles, pigs, hawks, giant turtles, really shy bears, armadillo, and any number of little creatures that will dart across the path once the crowd thins.

Our course winds through 13.1(ish) miles of scrub, forest, grasslands and mostly natural Florida plains.  The footing is very solid on this one; you’ll negotiate dirt, grassy paths, packed sand and a little bit of single track in an almost entirely flat half marathon or 5 mile course. 

There’s not  TON of shade, but we do have aid stations every 2 to 2.5 miles keeping you full of hydration and salty snacks.

As always, you'll be allowed a half way point bag, if you so please to take advantage of it. Whatever personal comfort you put in this bag, we will drop off half way through the course for you to retrieve and enjoy.

5150 Dallas BLVD, ORLANDO FL 32833